Death Toll Due to Israeli Maasacre Against Palestinians in Khan Younis Climbs to 29 Martyrs

The death toll of the massacre committed by the Israeli occupation army against Palestinian civilians, in the city of Khan Younis, south of the Gaza enclave, rose to 29 martyrs. Medical sources and eyewitnesses at Nasser Hospital told Qatar News Agency that ambulance and civil vehicles whisked off over 27 bodies of martyrs and dozens of critically injured people to the hospital, after the Israeli occupation army's fighter jets bombarded a school housing thousands of IDPs in Abasan, east of the city of Khan Younis. Video footage circulated by social media platforms revealed graphic images of corpses and remains of women and children due to the massacre perpetrated by the Israeli occupation army, followed by another massacre in one of the busiest intersections in Khan Younis, which resulted in the martyrdom of other Palestinians and injuring others. The Palestinian Red Crescent Society confirmed that its medical personnel are still working to evacuate the casualties and transfer them to Al-Amal and Nasser ho spitals in Khan Younis. Meanwhile, the Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed that the Israeli occupation army's raids on the central Gaza, during the past few hours, resulted in 30 martyrs, among them 17 women and a child, because of a massacre committed by the Israeli occupation military forces against the Palestinian civilians at Al Nuseirat Camp. Israel is continuing to commit massacres in the central and south of the Gaza enclave with the ongoing ground offensive in the city of Gaza which targeted several neighborhoods, amid the displacement of thousands of IDPs, in addition to forcing the population to flee, resulting in a critical crisis due to the shortages of safe havens for thousands of families. For the 277th day, the Israeli occupation army keeps intensifying a full and unprecedented aggression on the Gaza enclave through dozens of aerial bombardments, as well as ground and sea offensive, in addition to committing bloody massacres against the Palestinian civilians, resulting in thousands of I DPs. The Israeli onslaught has resulted in massive devastation of critical infrastructure, along with an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe in the enclave due to imposing restrictions on food, water, medicine and fuel supplies. Source: Qatar News Agency

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