Public Authority of Manpower, KSHR launch nat’l project

Public Authority of Manpower, in collaboration with Kuwait Society for Human Rights (KSHR), launched the national project for protecting labors' rights in Kuwait, aimed at boosting labor rights in Kuwait. In a press statement on Sunday, the authority's Acting Director General Marzouq Al-Otaibi said that the project aims to raise labors' awareness of their rights according to labor laws, provide them with the necessary legal support, and encourage society to advocate their issues. The project seeks to contribute to raising Kuwait's ranking in international indicators and reports related to human rights and combating human trafficking, stated Al-Otaibi, noting the project was based on a signed MoU with KSHR, aimed to strengthen the concepts of human and labor rights. The MoU came in accordance with international agreements ratified by Kuwait's government, coordination regarding research related to violations and the mechanism for dealing with them, boosting cooperation between state institutions and public b enefit associations, spreading the culture of human rights in society. In addition, it includes establishing specialized training courses and programs in the field of Kuwaiti Labor Law No. 6 of 2010 regarding work in the private sector and Domestic Workers Law No. 68 of 2015 and the ministerial and administrative decisions. He stressed that the permanent committee responsible for linking and coordinating between the manpower authority, civil society institutions, plays a major role in following up on the national project, which includes activities and services provided in different languages. Source: Kuwait News Agency

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