Report: Israel wages war of terror and forced displacement against Gazans amid massive wave of displacement

Gaza - Ma'an - The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor said that since the early hours of Monday, July 8, the Israeli occupation army has been waging a war of terror and forced displacement against the residents of Gaza City and its north, and has pushed another massive wave of forced displacement in the wake of the military attacks and heavy raids it is waging there as part of the genocide it has been carrying out in the Strip since October 7. The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor documented the displacement of tens of thousands of Gazans from various areas of the city, who have been left in the open by the imposition of a fait accompli without any safe passages for displacement or a safe place to seek refuge in, in light of the conflicting directives contained in the forced displacement orders issued by the Israeli occupation army, in conjunction with the continuation of the systematic and widespread war of starvation and deliberate and random killing against Palestinian civilians in the Strip. He pointed out that the Israeli occupation army launched a military operation by invading the ground in the areas southwest of Gaza City, which are crowded with tens of thousands of displaced people, a few hours after it asked the residents of the neighborhoods of "Al-Tuffah", "Al-Daraj" and "Al-Shuja'iyya" east of the city to head to those targeted areas. The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor said that while the Israeli occupation army was announcing its intention to expand its ground operation to the center of Gaza City on Sunday/Monday night in the Shuja'iyya neighborhood, where it has been present for more than a week, it issued forced displacement orders against residents of the Al-Daraj and Al-Tuffah neighborhoods in the morning hours of Monday, and then launched another military operation, which it seems to have planned to be a surprise in the western areas of the city. The Observatory stated that the Israeli occupation army launched a ground incursion amidst intensive shelling with missiles an d shells in the (industrial) area, directly targeting the headquarters of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) and several destroyed university headquarters in western Gaza, which constituted a blatant contradiction of the directives it issued to tens of thousands of forcibly displaced residents. Later, the Israeli occupation army ordered residents of large areas of Gaza City to evacuate to the city of Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip, including forcing the staff of the 'Baptist Ahli' hospital to evacuate completely, which put the only main hospital operating in Gaza for months out of service. The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor expressed its deep concern over the repeated reports of dozens of deaths and injuries caused by the Israeli army's surprise attack on forcibly displaced residents of Gaza City without prior warning, and the conflicting evacuation instructions, during its sudden incursion into the east of Gaza City and then into the city's southwest ern neighborhoods, under heavy fire that targeted roads, homes and residential buildings. The Euro-Mediterranean field team documented a series of Israeli raids with dozens of fire belts and artillery shells, coinciding with the ongoing ground incursion into large areas of Gaza City, accompanied by raids, searches, and arbitrary arrests of civilians, in addition to deliberate killings that are being documented around the clock. Residents of the Shuja'iyya and Ad-Daraj neighborhoods reported receiving phone calls and threats from the Israeli occupation army last night asking them to first head to areas southwest of Gaza City, before being asked to head to the "humanitarian shelters" in Deir al-Balah city starting this morning, raising further concerns about the army's plans to expand its ground operations and escalate the war of forced displacement to areas in the central and southern Gaza Strip, which are already crowded with more than a million and a half people who are suffering from extremely complex and catastrophic humanitarian conditions. Amidst the conflict that tens of thousands of displaced residents of Gaza City found themselves in, the Israeli occupation army published a statement at around 9:00 am on Monday about the start of a military operation by its '99th Division' in the 'Industrial Area,' including the UNRWA headquarters located in the area, noting that 'with the start of the activity, the army called and warned civilians via loudspeakers about the operation in the building and that it would open an organized corridor for the exit of civilians not involved from the area.' The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor highlighted that Israel has been and continues to adopt a systematic policy of targeting civilians in the Gaza Strip who are protected under international humanitarian law, wherever they are, and depriving them of any stability, even temporary, in displacement and shelter centers, by intensifying the bombing of these centers on the heads of the displaced people inside them, deliber ately forcibly displacing them repeatedly from one area to another, and targeting areas declared as humanitarian areas. The human rights observatory stressed that Israel is deliberately, through killing and starvation, forcing the forced displacement of the residents of the Gaza Strip and destroying all the basic necessities of life, including targeting the headquarters of the United Nations and its shelters, and committing mass murders there, each of which constitutes an international crime in itself and with full elements. The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor reiterated that the Israeli bombing methodology indicates the existence of a clear policy aimed at depriving the entire Gaza Strip of security and depriving Palestinians of shelter or stability, even momentarily, through the continuation of the bombing throughout the Strip and focusing on targeting shelters in UNRWA schools and headquarters. According to UNRWA, since October 7, Israel has bombed 190 facilities, or more than half of the agency 's facilities, some of which were hit multiple times, some directly. As a result, thousands of Palestinian civilians have been killed and injured as they sought safety. The UN and its partners estimate that the number of internally displaced people in the Gaza Strip has risen from 1.7 to 1.9 million people, meaning that about nine out of ten people in the Strip have been internally displaced multiple times. The mass displacement has been driven largely by evacuation orders issued by the Israeli military, the extensive destruction of private and public infrastructure, restricted access to essential services, and the constant fear of ongoing hostilities. Based on the above, Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor renewed its call for all countries to assume their international responsibilities by stopping the crime of genocide, imposing effective sanctions on Israel, and stopping all forms of political, financial and military support and cooperation provided to it, including the immediate cessation of arms tr ansfers to it, including export licenses and military aid. Otherwise, these countries will be complicit and partners in the crimes committed in the Gaza Strip, including the crime of genocide. The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor also urged the International Criminal Court to expedite the issuance of arrest warrants against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Galant, and to expand the scope of investigation into individual criminal responsibility for crimes committed in the Gaza Strip to include all those responsible, issue arrest warrants against them, hold them accountable, and recognize and deal with the crimes committed by Israel as genocide without equivocation. Source: Maan News Agency

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