UAE land aid convoy arrives in Gaza through Karam Abu Salem crossing, first since Rafah Crossing closure

ABU DHABI: A UAE aid convoy carrying relief materials has reached the Gaza Strip via the Karam Abu Salem border crossing. This marks the first arrival since the closure of the Rafah Border Crossing on May 6th, 2024. The convoy is part of Operation 'Chivalrous Knight 3' and the UAE's humanitarian aid initiative, aiming to assist Palestinians in Gaza. The closure of the Rafah Crossing had halted land aid provisions, worsening the humanitarian crisis and leading to shortages of food and essential supplies in Gaza. Trucks loaded with 80 tonnes of UAE aid have arrived in the Gaza Strip. This vital assistance includes tents, a crucial need for families displaced by the ongoing war. The aid also encompasses essential relief materials, food parcels, and dates, addressing the most pressing needs faced by Gaza residents. The people in Gaza are suffering from hunger and the lack of food and basic items in the markets. Teams of volunteers, operating under Operation 'Chivalrous Knight 3', have started providing aid to displaced Palestinian families in various locations of the Strip. Their aim is to reach a large number of displaced individuals living in shelters, in order to alleviate their suffering following the halt in relief aid distribution. The UAE, through Operation 'Chivalrous Knight 3,' aims to strengthen its humanitarian role by supporting Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, addressing their needs, and implementing relief projects to alleviate the suffering of displaced families. Source: Emirates News Agency

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