Yemeni customs & Chamber of Commerce met to improve trade

The head of the Customs Authority, Eng. Adel Margham, discussed on Tuesday during his meeting a team of members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Capital Sana'a, headed by a member of the Chamber's Board of Directors, Nasr Al-Mathhani, to discuss ways to strengthen their cooperation and partnership. The meeting, which was attended by the Head of the Chamber's Commercial and Industrial Sectors, Qais Al-Kumaim, and the Chamber's Advisor, Mohamed Al-Siddiq, reviewed the joint cooperation plan between the Authority and the Chamber of Commerce for the second half of 2024. During the meeting, the head of the Authority emphasized the importance of accurate documentation by traders to expedite customs clearance and avoid delays. "The Customs Authority, as an executive body, assured it follows legal procedures but aims to not hinder compliant goods. he added. He explained that the Authority is about to hold a consultative meeting, in the coming days, regarding the single window System for customs clear ance, in preparation for the launch of the first phase of the system, which will facilitate and simplify customs clearance procedures for goods, and speed up the declaration process, the release of goods from customs ports in record time, and facilitates the process of clearance through a single window. Source: Yemen News Agency

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