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CGTN: What is behind young Chinese people’s lofty ambitions?

BEIJING, June 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Chinese people have long valued the importance of setting lofty goals and striving for them with persistence. “No ambition, no achievement,” said Wang Yangming (1472-1529), a Chinese thinker in the Ming Dynasty. Chinese President Xi Jinping quoted Wang’s words in May 2018 to encourage young people to carry on […]


Hot weather forecast today

A slight rise in mercury levels is expected on Sunday, bringing relatively hot weather in the highlands and the plains, and hot conditions in other parts of the Kingdom, with northwesterly moderate winds, the Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD) said…


Campaign launched to attract tourists from GCC region

A multi-platform promotional campaign was launched Sunday targeting tourists from the Arab Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region as authorities strive to thrust recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.The “Tanafas” (Breathe) campaign is managed by the Jord…


38K Filipinos find Jordan second home, says envoy

Philippine Ambassador to Amman Akmad Atlah Sakkam said that more than 38,000 Filipino workers in the Kingdom have found Jordan a second home.During a ceremony held Saturday evening by the embassy of Philippines in Amman commemorating the 123rd annivers…


Watchdog welcomes GAM’s move to regulate street vending

The Consumer Protection Society (CPS) on Sunday welcomed a recent decision by the Amman Greater Municipality (GAM) to regulate street and sidewalk vending and open three new popular markets.CPS President Muhammad Obeidat said the move would guarantee b…