About Us

About us

The Middle East Online News is an online news website, which publishes the news related to every sector from all over the world, but the website keeps its focus on the Arab region, because that is what it is for. The purpose of our website is to contribute in making people have their fundamental rights and that is what we are for in the news industry and that is what the norms of journalism teach us. We are not in the illegal war of getting ratings by any means and as we keep ourselves away from the war of getting ratings by any means, it has made us win the trust of people and that is the thing we value the most after all we are to help them being a team behind a responsible online news website.

Our authenticity

The secret behind coming up with the authentic news is our devotion and strong belief that we will never get the news from the news source whose integrity can be questioned. This strategy has made us to stick to the teachings of the journalism and that the wisdom of the journalism have sustained our unbeatable credibility as far as sharing the authentic news is concerned. We are the ones who have leveraged our devotion and our policy to stick to the norms of journalism, in order to achieve the landmark of having the reliability that other online news websites take years to achieve.

Advertise with us

Yes, you have an option to use our platform for your marketing purposes, and the platform of Middle East Online News makes you get the global reach and get you attract the intentional customers for your business and that is what many businesses in the Arab region are doing through using the platform what we provide them. They submit their press releases on our website and get their businesses introduced to the western world. We are specifically naming the western world, is because the people of the western world rely on our website to find the latest happenings of the Arab region.

Our presence on social media

We think that in order to be prominent in the news industry and stay a step ahead from other online news websites as far as publishing the authentic news considered, we have to show our strong presence on different social media websites. This strategy helps us to let them know what people are thinking about our way of publishing news and about the performance of our website. You can get our services such as daily email news alerts and RSS news feeds in order to stay updated about the happenings from all over the world.