Abu Dhabi Housing Authority launches integrated edition of ‘ISKAN Abu Dhabi’ App

ABU DHABI: The Abu Dhabi Housing Authority (ADHA) has launched the integrated edition of its smart app, 'ISKAN Abu Dhabi.' This cutting-edge platform serves as a one-stop solution for accessing all ADHA services offered by 'ISKAN Abu Dhabi Center', enabling citizens to seamlessly access all housing services necessary to obtain their housing benefits. 'ISKAN Abu Dhabi' offers Abu Dhabi citizens unparalleled convenience and accessibility to a wide array of housing services, including housing loans, housing grants, exchange locations of land and houses, and residential land purchases. The smart app streamlines the process of requesting new services and tracking existing requests, eliminating the need for physical visits to service centers. Hamad Hareb AlMuhairi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, said: 'ISKAN Abu Dhabi' app aligns with our vision to cultivate a sustainable housing ecosystem that enriches the lives of citizens in Abu Dhabi and introduce pioneering housing solutions within cohesive communities. To achieve this, we have developed an integrated digital platform, ensuring seamless access to all housing-related services for the citizens. By adopting cutting-edge digital innovations and refining our operational methods, our focus is on delivering an advanced digital user experience marked by simplicity and efficiency.' AlMuhairi added: 'The ADHA is working on re-engineering the services it offers through the app to automate the process of obtaining housing services and achieve a full digital transformation of all its services. This initiative aligns with our commitment to integrate digital transformation initiatives, as outlined in the 'Abu Dhabi Program for Effortless Customer Experience'. Our objective is to boost customer satisfaction rates regarding housing services in Abu Dhabi.' The 'ISKAN Abu Dhabi' app enables users to create housing profiles, track the status of their request, and automatically view their eligibility for ADHA services. Additionally, the app further provides detail ed information about the remaining steps required to complete the housing application process and receive the housing benefit. The comprehensive digital platform also offers a range of additional services such as loan exemption, suspension of loan installment deductions, cancellation of approved loans, loan type modification, loan value reduction, ownership transfer, addition or removal of applicants, inclusion/exclusion of guarantors, issuance and download of housing service status certificate, as well as request for early loan payment services. Moreover, the app offers a feature that allows users to access information about current and upcoming housing projects. This enables citizens to select the housing benefits tailored to their needs. Users can also explore detailed data and information about these projects and utilise the comparison feature to determine the most suitable housing benefit. To express their interest, users have the option to book their preferred housing benefit directly through the app. One of the key highlights of 'ISKAN Abu Dhabi' is its seamless integration with over 25 organisations from the public and private sectors, transforming it into a comprehensive digital housing system that goes beyond the services provided by ADHA. Through the app, users can access housing services offered by other entities, allowing citizens in the emirate to conveniently carry out their housing transactions on a one digital platform. The services provided by other entities through the app include registering ownership of residential land and houses, requesting ownership deeds from The Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT), and property mortgage transaction registration service. Users can also fulfill the requirements of The Financial Awareness Program, which is necessary for opening a housing loan account and activating the loan. All of these services can be conveniently accessed through the app. The app also offers a feature that allows users to schedule appointments to visit Iskan Abu Dhabi Cent re if they prefer in-person interactions. Additionally, users can access a list of frequently asked questions and request support directly through the app. ISKAN Abu Dhabi app has won the 'UAE Innovates 2024' Award in the special category this year as the 'Most Impactful Social Innovation'. The app has also succeeded in enhancing satisfaction levels among housing service users, with a satisfaction rate of 98% by the end of 2023. Source: Emirates News Agency

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