Bahrain’s urban development efforts stressed

Manama, In a message to the world marking the World Cities Day, His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa stressed the kingdom's keenness on building new cities as part of a comprehensive urban development vision congruent with future challenges and demographic growth.

HRH the Premier underlined constant keenness to ensure urban complexes carried out nationwide and planned for the future are capable of meeting the growing needs in terms of services and amenities aimed at boosting people's welfare. He stressed that the urban growth witnessed by the kingdom in the prosperous era of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa is based on many fundamentals guaranteeing sustainability for it and concordance with the sustainable development goals (SDGs) 2030 endorsed by the United Nations and carried out by the government by integrating them completely in its action plan.

This came in a message to the world by HRH the Prime Minister marking the World Cities Day 2019 which is observed on October 31 and celebrated this year under the theme Changing the World: Innovations and Better Life for Future Generations.

HRH the Premier asserted that building cities and providing decent housing for citizens have always been a priority in the government's programmes by creating a modern infrastructure and adopting initiatives to protect the environment and heritage. He pointed out the urban expansion in the Kingdom of Bahrain, stressing partnership between the public and private sectors in carrying out housing projects. He also underscored the government's support to the private sector in recognition of its key role in backing the development march.

HRH the Prime Minister underscored keenness on boosting citizens' welfare within a comprehensive urban development vision balancing between current and future needs and ensuring a better life for future generations. He added that the development march in Bahrain is going ahead with all determination through the implementation of many projects in various fields. He pointed out that the World Cities Day is considered as an opportunity to bolster the international efforts to improve the life of urban people mainly in developing countries.

HRH the Prime Minister underlined Bahrain's keenness on contributing to the international efforts to tackle challenges to sustainable urban development and boost progress in implementing SDGs 2030. He affirmed that the future of mankind banks on taking innovative steps and creative solutions to protect the environment and improve suitability of urban regions. He pointed out that the world is undergoing major challenges at all levels which require more efforts to attain common goals and cope with the fast-paced urban and demographic growth.

The future of cities necessitates taking procedures to improve their suitability for a decent life by providing essential services according to an integrated system that meets the requirements of sustainable development, HRH the Premier said, stressing the importance of promoting international partnership to achieve SDGs and face current challenges.

HRH the Prime Minister called to map out a framework to provide more support to countries most in need for assistance to achieve sustainable urban growth and boost economic development to better the quality of life there. He hailed the efforts of the United Nations and its specialised agencies, including the UN-Habitat Programme and UNESCO, in pushing ahead with the efforts to achieve the sustainable development goals and boost people's welfare.

Source: Bahrain News Agency