Behavioral Healthcare Center Continues “Back to School” Activities

The Behavioral Healthcare Center, one of the centers of Qatar Foundation for Social Work, which is under the Ministry of Social Development and Family, continues its awareness activities within the 'back to school' campaign for 2023, which targets students in public and private schools at various grade levels.

The center, represented by the Community Awareness Department launched an awareness film entitled 'your respect delights me' at the beginning of the new academic year. The film focused on the importance of the value of respect and its embodiment in the behavior of the current generation through their interaction with parents, teachers, friends, and workers at home or school, as well as anyone else they interact with in their daily life.

Within the campaign, the center also carries out a group of awareness lectures entitled 'with our values we build our society' to promote the concept of behavioral health and establish moral values in the educational sector in Qatari society. These lectures are presented by an elite group of specialists within a group of primary, middle, and secondary schools and are centered around consolidating the values of respect, self-esteem, obedience to parents, family responsibility, and rejecting intolerance and discrimination among people.

Social awareness specialist Andalus Ibrahim stressed the importance of the awareness activities provided by the center for students, as they are the bedrock on which society is built. She said that through the center's awareness and preventive activities, it seeks to reach the largest possible number of students in private and public schools. She added that the center adopts and produces media awareness materials that suit the trends of the modern generation, keep pace with their diverse interests, and cover the behavioral and psychological needs of each age group separately.

She added that the center will continue its awareness campaign for school students by implementing an awareness event in cooperation with Qatar National Library (QNL) in October, in addition to broadcasting an awareness program that targets young adults and youths.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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