Hikvision ouvre ses bureaux en Afrique du Sud

Après la réussite de l’enregistrement du bureau sud-africain de Hikvision il y a deux ans, les installations de la société sont aujourd’hui prêtes à soutenir la croissance rapide de Hikvision dans la région et à fournir une assistance et une formation locales. JOHANNESBURG, 6 novembre 2015 / PRNewswire — Hikvision, le premier fournisseur mondial de produits […]

Hikvision Facility in South Africa Now Open

After the successful registration of the Hikvision South African office two years ago, the facility is now available to support Hikvision’s rapid growth in the region and provide local assistance and training. JOHANNESBURG, Nov. 5, 2015 / PRNewswire — Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of video surveillance products and solutions, has announced that its local […]

Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) Report on Safety of Media Workers

Over the last decade media in Pakistan have experienced a remarkable growth and transformation in its role. Though there have been serious reversals in recent years, Pakistan continues to enjoy vibrant, independent and fairly free media. The advent of private TV channels since 2002 revolutionized Pakistan’s media environment. Almost one hundred private television channels are […]

Those who murder, injure and assault journalists are almost never punished in Pakistan

A report on safety of Pakistani media professionals presents a bleak picture of level of insecurity faced by Pakistani journalists and calls of serious efforts by governments and media to change the present situation where those that kill, injure, abduct and threaten journalists are almost never punished. The Report on Safety of Media Workers released […]

XCMG signs strategic cooperation agreement with SAP during Merkel state visit

HEFEI, China, Oct. 30, 2015 /PRNewswire — XCMG has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with German software company SAP at the China-Germany Council of Economic Advisers meeting presided over by a China state leader and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Wang Min, chairman and president of XCMG, introduced XCMG’s investments in Germany as well as collaborations with German companies […]