DA-operates dairy center in Sorsogon known among N. Zealand, Saudi farm owners (Philippines News Agency)

The Department of Agriculture operated Dairy Production and Technology Center, formerly called the Sorsogon Dairy Farm, in Barangay Cabidan here has gained a very good reputation among dairy farm owners in New Zealand and Saudi Arabia, a center official claimed.
“For years now, the DPTC has successfully sent trainees and even employees to work in the vast dairy farms in New Zealand and Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” Dolores Ricafranca, the station superintendent, said.
Ricafranca herself had a fivemonth training stint in the Netherlands years back.
Her experiences abroad helped her transform the 77hectare Sorsogon dairy farm into a technologically advanced and competitive dairy center.
The farm has 120 dairy cattle (Holstein Friesian and Sahiwal) and 48 breeders.
There are 26 cows in the milking line, which has a milking parlor and milk processing center.
The DPTC fresh milk has gained popularity in Sorsogon and neighboring provinces that for the year 2014, the center has generated a total of Php2.2 million from the sales of these fresh milk.
The dairy farm’s fertile soil also makes various forage grasses thrive abundantly in the area.
Other activities of the station include milk feeding program, animal breeding through artificial insemination and livestock dispersal.
The sterling performance of the dairy farm made it a very good training ground for aspiring dairy farm workers who want to get employed overseas.
In 2014, ten trainees of SDF passed the trade test conducted by a dairy farm in New Zealand, and they are now working for a threeyear contract.
For eighthour farm work, they receive a monthly salary of Php120,000 in peso equivalent.
They are entitled to a month of vacation in the Philippines annually.
Those who had already worked there testified that it is very easy to bring their families in New Zealand.
The children of Filipino workers there are receiving US,000 educational allowance for the school year.(PNA)