Amman, Minister of State for Prime Ministry Affairs Sami Daoud on Sunday met with, the Palestinian Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Amjad Ghanem to discuss joint cooperation.

The meeting also tackled the prospects of benefiting from Jordanian expertise in government decision-making, the cabinet's work, and joint coordination between the public sector's institutions.

Daoud reviewed the cabinet's work mechanism, the Prime Ministry's tasks, the mechanism of government decision-making, ministerial committees' work, and interministerial coordination on major decisions.

He also pointed out the latest steps the government took in the institutional development field, and uplifting the level of public sectors employees.

During the meeting, Ghanem lauded Jordan's experience in government decision-making, the cabinet's work mechanism, and the institutional development and the public sector's performance fields, expressing keenness to utilize the Jordanian government's advanced expertise.

Daoud expressed the government's keenness to support its Palestinian counterpart in these areas, and to continue joint cooperation.

Source: Jordan News Agency