Death Toll of Israeli Aggression on Gaza, West Bank Rises to 9,883 Martyrs

Ramallah, November 5 - The death toll from the ongoing Israeli occupation's aggression against the Gaza Strip and the West Bank since October 7 has risen to 9,883 killed and more than 26,000 injured.

In a statement today, the Palestinian Ministry of Health stated that 9,730 martyrs died in the Gaza Strip and more than 24,000 were injured, with the number of martyrs in the West Bank rising to 153 and the injured to more than 2,200. Additionally, the statement indicated that 1,950 citizens were reported to be lost, including at least 1,050 children, who may be trapped or martyred under the rubble, waiting to be rescued or recovered.

The statement added that the Israeli occupation targeted three major hospitals on Saturday: Al Shifa Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in the Gaza Strip that treats thousands of patients and hosts thousands of displaced persons, as well as the Al Naser pediatric hospital and Al Quds Hospital. It added that both Al Quds and Indonesia hospitals were subjected to bombing and air strikes that led to a large number of martyrs and injuries.

The Ministry said that 117,000 displaced persons, healthcare workers, and thousands of patients reside in healthcare facilities and that 1.5 million citizens are internally displaced in Gaza, with more than 690,000 citizens living in emergency shelters designated for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA).

The Israeli occupation's ongoing unprecedented and intense aggression against the Gaza Strip and the West Bank left thousands of martyrs and injured, most of whom are women, children, and elderly, in addition to hundreds of martyrs and injured who are difficult to recover due to the dangerous situation on the ground.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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