Deaths in Israeli aggression on Gaza reach 4,385

RAMALLAH, The deaths due to the Israeli barbaric aggression on the Gaza Strip went up to 4,385, said the Palestinian health authorities on Saturday.

The authorities added in a statement that the numbers of those injured went up to 13,561 people.

It noted that the operational capacity at hospitals had reach 150 percent due to the gigantic overflow of patients and decrease in medical staff some of whom died or injured in the Israeli aggressive assault on the Gaza Strip.

In regards to the relief aid, which entered the Gaza Strip today, the health authorities in Gaza said that only three percent of the Strip's medical need had been obtained, noting that prior to the attack around 600 trucks traversed to and from Gaza daily.

Fuel is not included in the relief aid batch today, it noted, saying that the world must allow fuel to enter the Gaza Strip and power the health facility there. (end) nq.gta

Source: Kuwait News Agency

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