Doha Forum Partakes in UN Civil Society Conference in Nairobi

The Doha Forum participated in the United Nations Civil Society Conference, which was held in Nairobi, Kenya, over two days. In this context, Director General of the Doha Forum, Maha Al Kuwari, participated in a workshop entitled "Impact Coalition on AI and Cyber-Tech Governance." The discussions focused specifically on artificial intelligence (AI) and cyber technology as tools for solving global and local problems. They also highlighted the AI governance outcomes outlined in the Doha Forum's report titled "Future of International Cooperation Report 2023." The discussions addressed various issues, including improving global governance of AI and cyber technologies to expand opportunities for countries to exploit the potential benefits of these powerful technologies while mitigating their risks and examining potential challenges, threats, and opportunities. In a statement, Maha Al Kuwari explained that the Doha Forum's 2023 report examined the effective use of AI and cyber technologies in solving global and regional problems, noting that these technologies can also pose serious challenges. Al Kuwari highlighted the report's findings on three key principles: safety, sustainability, and inclusion, considering them essential necessities for all countries and organizations. She pointed out that in the context of potential partnerships among stakeholders, there is a need to establish a framework for global collective action. The Doha Forum, which will take place from Dec. 7-8, 2024, regularly participates in conferences and discussions worldwide throughout the year, culminating in its convening in Doha under the slogan of Diplomacy, Dialogue, and Diversity. Source: Qatar News Agency

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