Dubai Municipality sponsors Food Innovation Conference 2024

DUBAI: Dubai Municipality announced its sponsorship of the Food Innovation Conference 2024, organised by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI) in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, under the theme 'Reimagining Future Food Systems' from 13th to 15th May. The sponsorship comes in line with Dubai Municipality's integrated efforts to improve the sustainability of the food sector in the emirate and its commitment to implementing the necessary measures that ensure public safety. Dubai Municipality, through the Food Safety Department, seeks to build a sustainable food system that ensures the industry's safety and sustainability in accordance with the highest global standards. Through designing an integrated food control ecosystem, the municipality aims to strengthen confidence in food safety, making Dubai more pioneering, sustainable, and liveable every day. Dawoud Al Hajri, Director-General of Dubai Municipality, said, 'The Municipality's sponsorship of the Food Innovation Conferenc e 2024 reflects its concerted efforts to enhance the sustainability of the food sector, establish innovative practices in the food industry, set the best health and food safety standards, and utilise the latest technologies to achieve the goals of the 'Dubai Food Security Strategy'. The strategy aims to maintain food safety, boost local production, diversify import sources, and reduce food waste.' He added, 'The conference represents a unique opportunity to explore effective solutions to the current and future challenges facing the global food production industry. It will enable leaders and decision-makers to take effective steps towards establishing sustainable food systems and mitigating the impacts of climate change.' Al Hajri highlighted the role of the conference, through hosting various experts, in highlighting the need to expand on the use of specialised technologies to better provide secure food supply chains that meet the needs of the world's growing population. Dr. Abdulkareem Al Olama, CEO of MB RGI, said Dubai Municipality's sponsorship contributes to the conference's success in achieving its objectives of developing innovative solutions to global food system challenges. He said, 'Dubai Municipality's sponsorship of the Food Innovation Conference embodies a comprehensive approach to collaboration among all national bodies and institutions. This stems from leveraging the municipality's capabilities and expertise to enhance the chances of success for international conferences hosted by the UAE and Dubai, in terms of organisation, marketing, and achieving their targets. A prime example of this is Dubai Municipality's ongoing commitment to sponsor major events, including the latest Food Innovation Conference in Dubai, to boost innovation in its operational programs, especially in relation to food systems.' The Food Innovation Conference 2024, which takes place in the Museum of the Future and Emirates Towers in Dubai, brings together over 150 global experts, academics, private and public businesses, an d farmers. The conference will feature a series of panel discussions and workshops that focus on amplifying the role of technology in support of resilient, inclusive and sustainable food systems. It will also discuss the latest trends in food system sustainability and expand areas of global collaboration. The conference highlights the best global practices in the food sector, as well as the latest technological advancements, particularly Artificial Intelligence and data science employed to sustain food safety. The Food Innovation Conference 2024 will host a Food Innovation Hub Leadership Committee meeting on Tuesday, 14th May, and organise an open exhibition on 13th and 14th May, showcasing the latest food systems innovation efforts. The conference will conclude with field visits to major factories, farms and national food production companies. Source: Emirates News Agency

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