End Politics Of Personal Vengeance, (Daily Messenger (Pakistan))

Base It On Selfless Statesmanship
Neither music was heard nor alarm bells by many big and small Pakistani rulers or governments, leaders of institutions in order to end politics of personal vengeance and to base their policies and actions on national interests and statesmanship for progress and prosperity of Pakistan.
Such a hope or expectation maybe imagined to be from someone who lives in paradise of fools, but just to fill in the blanks, but it’s a human duty to raise a voice, even if it is not the only one, or even if it happens to be among fewer voices, when the power that conquers all and sundry continues to rule supreme everywhere.
The bad guys have almost always beaten the good guys in countries like Pakistan. It’s an unbelievably tragic story from Pakistan’s founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah who made a country which sacrificed him and his ideals whom his follower leaders boast about without remorse and action on his concept of state and statesmanship. Of Pakistan’s former prime minister Liaqat Ali Khan who was shot dead without anyone finding or punishing his killers and plotters.
To be realistic, such an appeal to fulfill national interests above personal whims and pleasures, may make a little ripple that expands in ever enlarging circles on otherwise a silent ocean water surface.
Those high talking lip service leaders with tall but hollow claims failed in each of their ruling tenure when tested against best practices or beneficial results. They now need to practically prove their mettle in merciless international politics that slave drive vested interest leaders with socioeconomic domination and outright ground or aerial invasions into Pakistan, Muslim world including the filthy rich petrodollared Middle East, and diamond and gold mined Africa.
It’s a situation where neither the best kind of leaders nor the worst kind of rulers could make any significant, desired or ideal change for the better!
What are politics and politicians of Pakistan up against, in national scenarios?
Firstly, the average politicians were up against their own selfish nature and earthly qualities when tested on time and tide for better actions. They could change neither themselves nor their inferior antipeople political system.
Secondly, even above average politicians could not distance themselves from, change or reform the deceit of a setup that misinformed and reveled in self glory without any significant benefits to their nation, or the corruption of a highly deceptive system that fooled almost everyone.
These included leaders like Benazir Bhutto with world’s best education at Oxford and other foreign universities which groomed students who became national and international leaders in many countries around the world.
Twice premier BB, chairperson of as big a party as PPP in Pakistan, born into political cradle of Bhutto family who fought against military dictators like Zia, many times fell prey to Zia’s remnants, forecasted her own coming death and allegedly either another now undertrial former army chief and president Musharraf or the antiState and antiShia Talibani killers did took her away.
Therefore, among most tragic facts is that even the world’s best education could not be a cure for mostly illiterate and tribal minded ancient thinking and modern looting of prejudiced leaders chained in their own personal greed, beyond change or reform, within 180million nation in Pakistan.
Just in one Pakistan People’s Party, examples of personal interests and vengeance killings abound: From benefactor Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to beneficiary Ziaul Haq who hanged him, or from former PM Benazir Bhutto as supporter of Farooq Leghari as president who dismissed her government. And Bhutto family against military rule, and up to opposition to Taliban’s terrorism, that had them killed. BB’s father, the PPP founder, a leader like no other in unifying a nation to near worship of political leaders, and unifying of Islamic bloc by bringing together Muslim heads of state from all over the world, was executed too, and so were his son Shah Nawaz Bhutto, and then Morteza Bhutto, founder of PPPShaheed Bhutto party, while her sister Benazir Bhutto was Pakistan’s prime minister!
In Pakistan Muslim League, it’s the same story of personal whims and pleasures, from PM Nawaz Sharif ordering a then army chief General Pervez Musharraf aboard a fuelshortaged plane to go land in Pakistan’s arch rival country India, and bloodless coup of Musharraf, his exiling Sharif brothers to Saudi Arabia, reads like a fiction. For instance, Musharraf’s declaration that the corrupt PPP and PMLN leaders and parties must either remain abroad of face trial in the courts in Pakistan, and then his National Reconciliation Order (NRO) that facilitated return of both Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif, who captured power after Musharraf’s ouster from presidency and his departure from Pakistan. Now Musharraf who had gone abroad but had returned heading an All Pakistan Muslim League IAPML) party to contest in 11 May general elections is on trial under Nawaz government! Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani who had restored a Musharrafsuspended Chief Justice, judges and judiciary, was ousted by the same CJSC.
This recent advanced 21st century, like 14 centuries past of Jahiliya times before Islam, and also after its dawn, is just a bit different in that ignorant and untamed wild tribes used to commit wrongs that are sometimes much lesser than greater crimes committed by educated and cultured elites. These elites are more savage, sophisticated, technological and beastly than the illiterate, law of the jungle crowds in ancient times with the law of might is right. The poor in intellect and principles fortunately lacked the higher knowledge of advanced sophisticated education and techniques on how to torture and kill with greater pain and sufferings, like the civilized leaders of the present time do, after almost everyone has said and done almost everything.
There is another revenge story 14 centuries old: That of Hussainiat and Karbala tragedy. That real story of vengeance, war between the right and the wrong, the good and the bad, the noble and the cruel, the just and the unjust, sadly continues up to this 21st century! For today also concludes the mourning period of Muslims, in particular the Alawi and Hussaini Shias, from 1st Muharram onwards as beloved grandson of Islam’s great prophet (S) was martyred along with his closest family members and companions, whose path was blocked by evil caliph of the times, who kept the Prophet’s near and dear ones hungry and thirsty for three days and 72 of them fought the army of Yazeed, son of Muawiyah, grandson of Abu Sufyan. The Hussainis were martyred, one by one, each after fighting hundreds of Yazeedi warriors.
Also, reportedly shocked the “big leaders of the antiterror war” as a CID officer, Chaudhry Aslam, a great son of Pakistan who made the Pakistanis proud with his selfless, courageous fights and encounters, was killed in a terrorist explosion. Chaudhry Aslam continued his brilliant career, which reportedly killed hundreds of big and small terrorists, notably of Taliban, despite being amazingly demoted in rank which act, claim analysts, proved that Taliban with their own courts and influence, were already ruling Karachi, allegedly under patronage of Taliban sympathizer rulers as per general public; terrorism cases are routed through federal, provincial governments which simply should have nothing to do with it as the prestigious, most reliable Pakistan Army (Military Courts) are to handle it under National Action Plan and speedily process pending death row convicts, too.
Thousands of pending death convicts are huge burden on our national economy too as a sizable yearly budget is spent in order to provide extra security.