Amman, The Euromoney Conference kicked off Tuesday for the sixth time in Jordan, held in partnership with the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) and the Arab Bank.

The conference tackles topics regarding the Kingdom's financial future, methods to switch over to digital financial services, and creating a comprehensive plan for the national economy.

Over 300 representatives of tech start-ups, banks, business incubators, and financial institutions are participating in the global event.

Governor of the CBJ Ziad Fariz pointed out that Jordan has preserved its stability, citing the wise leadership and the strong foundation of the Jordanian economy which was built on years of structural and financial reforms relevant to macro-economy.

He said the bank is working on maintaining monetary and financial stability, in addition to guaranteeing the safety and flexibility of the banking system.

Fariz noted that the shift toward digitalization and technological innovation are likely to restructure the global financial sector, while financial technology paves the way for financial inclusion through new opportunities.

Nemeh Sabbagh, Chief Executive Officer of the Arab Bank stated that the Kingdom has succeeded in focusing on its position as a regional service hub, pointing to the increase in national exports and the tourism sector's rebound for the third consecutive year.

Source: Jordan News Agency