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Ewaa celebrates World Children’s Day at Khalifa Park, instils positive values in elementary school students

ABU DHABI,More than 100 elementary school students marked the World Children's Day by learning to regulate their emotions and gaining social and interpersonal skills, under the guidance of community experts and specialists from Abu Dhabi Centre for Sheltering and Humanitarian Care – Ewaa.

The activities, organised as part of the Ministry of Interior’s activations, aimed at taking advantage of the fun and engaging environment at Khalifa Park to encourage good behaviour among children, help them express their feelings freely, and prevent child bullying in conjunction with Anti-Bullying Week 2022.

Ewaa, an affiliate of the Department of Community Development, is keen to fulfil its responsibilities in protection of various groups from violence and abuse and raising awareness on their dangers.

While it provides care, rehabilitation, and empowerment services for violence and abuse victims in Abu Dhabi, Ewaa prides itself in its preventive role and awareness campaigns that target all segments to change society's perception of violence and abuse and promote positive values.

“As the UAE spares no effort to prioritise child protection and empowerment, Ewaa benefits from the efficient ecosystem, working with its wide network of partners and supporters,” Sarah Shuhail, Director-General of Ewaa, said.

“At the current stage, we’re focused on empowering children in line with Abu Dhabi’s social sector agenda. The Centre is not only organising various activations and campaigns to enlighten families on how to address their children’s’ issues, but also takes the child’s perspective into account, allowing for an inclusive approach in realizing its vision.”

“Educational materials and tools were developed by the Centre in line with childcare and sustainability best practices,” she concluded.

Source: Emirates News Agency