Paris, The threat of terrorism remains "very high" in France, but there was "no formal elements" on a threat to Christmas, even if there is "a risk", writes the Director general of the national Police (DGPN), Jean-Marc Falcone, in an interview with the Sunday Newspaper published today.

"Our intelligence services are analyzing on a daily basis the status of the threat. For several months, it remains very high in France. After the experience of the attack of the Nice, the attack of Berlin confirms that it is necessary to put in place a safety device of high intensity, both active and passive, on large gatherings,"Falcone told the French newspaper.

"The bombing of Berlin had reminded all of the prefects that it was necessary to conduct further re-evaluations, to verify that all the Christmas markets and all the masses of midnight were well protected," he added. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency