Governors have key role to promote development, investment — Minister

Amman, Interior Minister Salamah Hammad said Tuesday that local governors have the key role of spurring development and opening their regions to investment with the aim of creating jobs and curbing poverty.

He told field governors that the Interior Ministry endeavours to turn into action His Majesty King Abdullah's directives to develop governorates and achieve sustainable development through programs and plans that meet the aspirations of local communities.

"Diagnosis of the needs and requirements of all governorates across the Kingdom, particularly remote regions, and the hindrances they face is key to the success of projects carried out in these areas, in a manner that reflects positively on their living standards and employment of their sons," Hammad said.

Hammad said the Interior Ministry and its executive arms have the task to achieve the concept of comprehensive security and enforce the law equally on all "without bias or discrimination."

He also stressed the need for concerted and intensive efforts to combat the drug trade using up-to-date methods to deter criminals and fugitives.

Source: Jordan News Agency