Doha, - Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is launching a new sepsis program to benefit patients across all HMC facilities who have been diagnosed with sepsis. This program will ensure that HMC continues to provide reliable and standardized care to these patients, wherever they present in the HMC healthcare system.

The program, which is being piloted in several HMC facilities over the coming months, supports Qatar's National Vision of providing high quality patient care through the establishment of safety systems, utilizing high reliability patient-care teams and best practice models.

Sepsis is a life-threatening condition that arises when the body's response to an infection damages its own tissues and organs and if not recognized early and treated promptly, can lead to shock, multiple organ failure and death.

Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Fawzy, Director of the Medical Intensive Care Unit and Deputy Medical Director, Ambulance Service at HMC stated that HMC's Critical Care Center, together with the Chief Medical Officer, Chief Nursing Officer and Chief Quality Officer, has developed a program to reduce the incidence and impact of sepsis using tried and tested guidelines for managing the condition.

"Sepsis is the tenth leading cause of death in industrialized countries, and the leading cause of death in the intensive care unit (ICU). It can be devastating to patients and their families and represents a major burden on healthcare systems," said Dr. Fawzy.

Source: Qatar News Agency