The tremendous growth of Huawei in the first half of the year 2015, has brought the company to another level and the Consumer Business Group has forecasted that the full year sales of Huawei will surely increase to $20 billion this year. The reports that have been released by the company have shown the incredible sales growth that Huawei has achieved in the of 2015, with a 69pc increase the sales recorded are $9.09 billion. It has also been announced that the contribution of consumer business revenue has also grown to 32pc, which was 24pc year last year.

Huawei Pakistan, Director Marketing Devices, Fanhong Bruce has said, Because of the rapid growth scored in the year 2015, the Consumer Business sales forecast for 2015 is $20 billion in comparison to $16 billion last year.

The remarkable growth strategy adopted by Huawei is inciting business growth in both China and the international market as the Revenue has spurred to 124pc y-o-y in China whereas in some other regions more than 40pc growth has been recorded. The regions such as North-East Europe, Western Europe, North Africa, Middle-East and South Pacific have recorded respective, 54pc, 45pc, 164pc, 48pc and 41pc year on year growth.