HARISH Tiwari on Friday evening filled the ‘Park Hyatt Zanzibar’ Hotel dining room with the aroma of Indian spices, as he demonstrated different dishes at the start of ‘Indian food promotion week.’

Specialissed in Indian cuisine, Mr Tiwari, a staff of Hyatt Regency Gurgaon, New Delhi in India, was invited to show his chef skills, as he prepared and displayed the Indian sauces, pickles, spice mixes, and kababs.

Passionate about nutrition and the use of local ingredients, mixing it without any scale, Mr Tiwari dishes combine the spices and flavours, with main courses such as biryan and plain rice, and more with Indian names, liked by many customers, tourists, Zanzibaris, Indians, and people from the Middle East.

“I am happy with the tasty spicy dishes,” Mr Khalfan Ahmed said at the dining room where he brought his family to enjoy the Indian foods. “It was such a good choice coming to Park Hyatt Zanzibar Hotel!

The food was delicious and the service was very professional. The staff were friendly and the restaurant have a very pleasant atmosphere, beside the sea,” Mr Ahmed said.

“I am a graduate in commerce, and I have been a hotel manager, but I love being a chef and I have gained a lot of experience in 16 years of preparing food in Five-star hotels,” Mr Tiwari said.

He worked in Soul- South Korea, Amman- Jordan, and Bangkok. He cooked various dishes, and that he is prepared to demonstrate about 180 dishes during the weeklong Indian food promotion. He said the dishes are mainly from regions of Rajasthani and North India.

Mr Teuku Syafrulsyah, Executive Chef at the Park Hyatt Zanzibar said: “We thought of having chefs from different parts of the world so that our customers can enjoy soothing differently.

We have started with ‘Indian Food Promotion week’ and the ‘Arabic Food Promotion week’ will follow later this year.”