Information and Awareness Department Announces Plans to Increase Traffic Awareness in 2020

The Information and Awareness Department at the General Directorate of Traffic has announced that it's in the process of updating its plans and programs within the 2020 Traffic Awareness Plan.

Col. Mohammad Radhi Al Hajri, Director of Information and Traffic Awareness Department, pointed that the changes would be related to the programs and their names, and the latest means of communication will be used to insure traffic safety.

Al Hajri added that the annual awareness blueprint includes various programs suited for all types of road users, such as the safe driving program, community awareness program, in addition to national celebration days, driving school lectures, lectures for those enrolled in institutes and military colleges, and targeted programs for students in schools.

Awareness programs which last from January until December of each year are created. Radar systems on the road will be upgraded, including fixed radars, mobile radars, and traffic signals radars, and others.

Col. Al Hajri added that there is a study to use state-of- the-art-technology in the area of radars image quality, and entry of violations, where any radar violation is stored as an image on Metrash App.

Additionally, a seminar will be organized to announce the directorate plans of field visits and traffic control with the participation of the external departments at the General Directorate of Traffic.

Source: Government of Qatar