In turn, Masri said this initiative will contribute to raising the efficiency of municipal and interior cadres, and local councils to achieve local development that takes into account the citizens' needs and priorities.

We are also seeking to reach a local economy that provides jobs in the provinces and remote areas," Masri noted, adding: "Exchanging expertise and increasing efficiency will enable us to identify priorities, as we are looking forward to serving the citizen and stimulating development, especially in remote areas".

His Majesty's vision in the field of decentralization aims to make the citizen a key partner in the decision-making regarding his future, in accordance with their development needs, he pointed out.

For her part, Assaf said: "As a continuation to support programs and activities for various communities in Jordan, UNDP supports the government's efforts to promote good governance and empower community members to participate in decision-making and to identify their needs".

The participation of qualified staff at the level of central and local administration in the academic program, which provides the scientific foundations and recaps other countries' expertise that have been successful in the implementation of the decentralization project, she noted.

Assaf stressed the fruitful cooperation between the Jordanian, Italian and Dutch universities, as well as the EU's role in sponsoring this initiative and backing the Kingdom's reforms in good governance.

Source: Jordan News Agency