Japanese Cargo Carrier Set For Launch Friday

Tokyo, - Japan's sixth HTV supply ship is slated to depart a picturesque spaceport on Tanegashima Island on Friday to start a four-day pursuit of the International Space Station with a cache of experiments, supplies and six lithium-ion batteries to begin overhauling the orbiting lab's vast electrical system.

The barrel-shaped spaceship is set for liftoff on top of an H-2B rocket specially designed to loft Japan's heavy cargo carriers heading for the International Space Station.

Japanese technicians packed the HTV supply ship, known by the name Kounotori 6, with 9,080 pounds (4,119 kilograms) of cargo and packaging ahead of launch, according to NASA.

The largest chunk of the HTV's cargo manifest comes from six lithium-ion batteries flying inside the spaceship's unpressurized cargo hold, along with adapter plates to connect the units to the space station's power truss.

Source: Qatar News Agency