The Egyptian side also promised to review the procedures related to the registration of Jordanian medicines in the Egyptian market, especially drugs that are not produced in Egypt.

On the Egyptian workers in Jordan, the Jordanian side said they are part of the economic production, their contribution in the sectors of agriculture, construction and services is "very basic," and their children will be treated in the Kingdom's public schools will be equally treated as their Jordanian students in terms of school fees.

The two sides agreed to form a working group from the government and private sectors in both countries to study the most appropriate formula for setting up a logistic area in Jordan to export services and contribute to the reconstruction and development process in neighboring countries.

The two sides discussed the possibility of signing an agreement between the two countries to help convicts complete their sentences terms in their home country for humanitarian and social reasons.

They also agreed to strengthen the connectivity in the electricity, gas and petroleum products and to develop plans to meet any increase in demand within the two countries, or at the Arab level.

Source: Jordan News Agency