Doha, The Cultural Village Foundation (Karara) signed a cooperation agreement with the Arab Cultural Institute in Washington DC in line with its strategy to build partnerships with international organizations.

Katara General Manager Dr. Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti and Arab Cultural Institute in Washington DC CEO, Dr. John Duke Anthony, signed the agreement on Tuesday morning.

"The agreement is a new addition to a series of agreements Katara has signed with a number of highly-reputable Arab and International organizations and institutions this year, including the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the Arab World Institute in Paris, and the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO)," Al Sulaiti said.

"This global partnership with the Arab Cultural Institute in Washington is aimed at building a bridge of cultural communication between the Arab world and the American people and the U.S. cultural institutions operating in Washington DC, the powerful capital of the world.

"The agreement is also seeking to lay the foundations for a better mutual cultural understanding, boosting shared human values, adopting educational, cultural and art programs leading to a deeper understanding of the Arab and Islamic civilization, and establishing constant cooperation through dialogue, special programs and activities including educational lectures, scientific symposiums, workshops, language support programs for bilinguals and international cultural conferences," he said.

"This agreement and others of the same nature inked with grand cultural institutions will also seek better cooperation in the knowledge and media sectors, exchanging expertise, launching initiatives, hosting activities and events focused on activating the cultural field, adopting the approach of knowledge and further opening up to the world," Al Sulaiti added.

Source: Qatar News Agency