Kuwait Bourse Closes Higher

Kuwait Bourse closed Sunday trading as the All Share Index gained 28.28 points to reach 7,126.03 points, an increase of 0.40 percent. As many as 232.4 million shares valued at KWD 53.8 million (roughly USD 164.09 million) were traded via 10,990 transactions. The Main Market Index went up by 1.66 points to reach 5,924.97 points, an increase of 0.03 percent, through 93.2 million shares done via 4,901 transactions valued at KWD 10 million (roughly USD 30.5 million). The Premier Market Index went up by 36.70 points to reach 7,788.56, an increase of 0.47 percent through 139.16 million shares done via 6,089 transactions valued at KWD 43.8 million (roughly USD 133.5 million). Meanwhile, the bourse Main 50 Index gained 18.63 points to reach 5,722.94 points, an increase of 0.33 percent, through stock volume of 56.7 million shares done in 3,272 deals at a value of KWD 7.11 million (roughly USD 21.6 million). Source: Qatar News Agency

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