A recruiting agency has asked the government to set up guidelines for Kenyans seeking job in Middle East countries to avert cases of mistreatment, harassment and torture.

The general manager of Afro Gulf General Agency, Hussein Adnan wants Kenya to employ labour attaches in Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudia Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to secure the lives of around 150,000 Kenyans working in Gulf countries.

Afro Gulf General is a Kenya-based recruiting agency dealing with professionals in information technology, hospitality, retail, engineering, construction, pharmacy and security.

It has hired a group of 500 youth from as far as Marsabit, Wajir, Thika, Kisumu and Garissa who are expected to depart for the Middle East jobs in three weeks. Among the new recruits are about five ex-army and police officers.

“In the US, Kenya is represented by tourism a attache based in New York why not Kenyans in Arab countries? We have requested for labour attaches in the Arab countries, who will solve Kenyans problems in those countries,” he said.

The salaries for the new group range from Sh30,000 to Sh100,000 based on qualifications with free food and accommodation.

“They must have certificates of good conduct from the police, they should go through a full and thorough medical examination, an online intelligence quotient interview with the employer before they sign a contract. We are dealing with professionals,” he added.

Mr Adnan also asked the government to form a web portal where all information of all Kenyans working in the Middle East countries including names, age, recruiting agency employer and their contacts can be kept to help in case of a distress call.

Mr Adnan said the recruits are going to work for a 42 years old company known as Industrial Equ and Services (IESCO) which deals with safety products, fasteners, warehousing, construction equipment, generators, lights and portable toilets.