Minar e Pakistan still stands tall today (Daily Messenger (Pakistan))

OVER 7 decades ago, on March 23, 1940, at Muslim League’s 27th session, Lahore Declaration in undivided India under British rule demanded a separate sovereign state for Muslim majority populations in Indian subcontinent based on twonation theory of an unIslamic oppressor Hindus majority exploiting Muslim minority which wanted to practice Islam without fear and hindrance. Years later, in the name of Allah, Quran, Islam and Prophet (S), on 14 August, 1947, Pakistan was created.
SEVENTY plus years later, a soul searching with conscience, a rare event in this today’s 180million of entirely different worldly wise but morally deteriorating Muslim nation, Pakistan’s high side stands there with progress and prosperity, mostly for privileged class, and its low side crumbles with poverty and downfall: Overall, today’s Pakistan is not that Pakistan of those dreams of the then over 100 million Muslims before Subcontinent Partition in later years of decade of Forties.
YEARS later Minar e Pakistan still stands tall, though calls are not properly heeded to institute electoral reforms, disqualify corrupt candidates from contesting polls, remove bad governance and end post 1947 corruption.
POSITIVE points of Pakistan were its continued survival from 1947 upto now, a miraculous and unbelievable accomplishment, over and above anything and everything, as internal land external conspiracies to disintegrate and wipe Pakistan off the world map did not succeed up to now, courtesy Pakistan Army, not its corrupt and infighting politicians, most of whom seldom served but did a lot of disservice to Pakistani nation. Progress and prosperity of Pakistan cannot be denied either as this country still runs and functions, albeit with topsy turvy managing of day to day life and living.
NEGATIVE points outweigh positive ones, mostly ideologically, as Islam is not practiced, though Muslims offer religious Namaaz worship prayers, and do not act on it, breaking their promises made in Namaaz, few times daily! Muslims keep holy fast, mostly faaqa than roza, in Ramzan month, but indulge in all evils that holy fast prohibits almost everyday of remaining eleven months of any given year as same Muslims who kept fast and refrained from evil during fast time, later abuse other hungry and thirsty Muslims and don’t feed them. Muslims refrain to pay religious zakat tax, as ordered by Islam’s holy book Quran and wealthier withdraw their millions and billions of rupees from accounts of their banks before automatic zakat deduction by bank. Performing hajj pilgrimage to House of God in Saudi Arabia is obligatory after a person has discharged all his financial and moral obligations and is qualified to perform hajj. However, not pious and religious, but mostly wealthy impious and earthly persons perform Hajj, but contrary to morals of hajj, indulge in love of the world, though a pilgrim is to leave the world for Allah, thereafter. Religion is being played with as if it is a toy in the hands of pseudoreligious scholars, giving wrong twists and turns to holy verses and divine revelations, with their millions of followers misled with misinterpretations and personal antiAllah talks and actions. Religion is being generally mistaught, misunderstood, misused and abused not just by Muslims in Pakistan but again, generally, by a couple of billion Muslims for their own personal whims and pleasures, even as, except a minority, nonMuslim religious people also do not follow their different religions in practice, but for namesake, like going to their places of worship once a week.
BALANCE must be achieved between extremes prevalent in Pakistan. Not enough are modern and advanced machinery, equipment, instruments and communications with tall buildings, offices and factories with employees earning at work, markets with crowd of buyers, cars and eateries and road jams, corporate or roadside shows. Complemented by human beings with each profession and its afore mentioned facilities must be their human care, not for financial or inhuman benefits alone, but also for keeping human values, relations, necessities more supreme with better practices in each profession above unfair personal gains or undue advantages, regardless of job of a person being in education, professional training and endeavors, politics, business, industries, production, supplies, various arts and crafts, education, medicine or other services. If that human spirit, conscience and humanity is for serving without disservice to one’s whatever profession is achieved, people progress and prosper as they benefit each other, fulfill each other’s rights, joyous as one inseparable people, as a nation in which people are really alive. If not, everything and everyone become an unbearable liability, be it in poor or rich situation, as people live off needs and sufferings of others, turning into an unfeeling and dead nation, without fulfilling each other’s rights.