Minister says unemployment at unprecedented levels, urges cross-sector synergy

Newly-appointed Minister of Labor Nayef Istaiteh said Tuesday that national unemployment rates have seen unprecedented increases, and stressed the need for an all-encompassing effort to address this problem.

In a meeting at the Amman Chamber of Commerce, Istaiteh revealed that the ministry is on the path to build a clear-cut strategy that will serve as a reference document for the introduction of sub plans targeting the various sectors of the economy.

The minister said closer public-private synergy is needed to address the unemployment problem, noting that about 95 percent of private sector institutions are small and medium enterprises providing most jobs in the economy.

In turn, the head of Amman Chamber of Commerce Khalil Al-Haj Tawfiq stressed that everyone should move to deal with unemployment, which is the main challenge facing the national economy, calling for an integrated action on the ground.

He noted the need to support sectors affected by coronavirus pandemic through new programs that enable them to ensure business sustainability and retain their employees, calling for involving the private sector in all economic decisions taken by the Government.

Source: Jordan News Agency