Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani, Monday, said that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi seemed to follow some internal agenda as neighbours could not be changed in regional politics. Talking to a 12-member delegation of Kashmiri journalists from Srinagar here at the Parliament House Monday, he expressed hope that the relations between India and Pakistan will come on an even keel.

He said Islamabad has always gone the extra mile for holding a meaningful dialogue with India and has always yearned for a working relationship but these sentiments are not reciprocated from the other side.

Replying to a question he said the resolution of the Kashmir issue lies in implementing the UN resolutions and it is possible once the modalities have been agreed upon including the will of the Kashmiri people. He said if the issue of Berlin Wall and more recently the conflict between Iran and the West can be resolved, why is it that the issue of Kashmir is still lingering on although its resolution will certainly help in improving the cultural and economic relationship between India and Pakistan.

He said one of the reasons for the delay in the resolution of Kashmir issue is the policy of the West which wavers in pursuit of its global interests. He said this is also visible in the case of Afghanistan and the Middle East. He said India is a huge market and the United States wants to play footsie to counterbalance its relations with China. On human rights violations in the Indian-administered Kashmir, Chairman Senate said not a single day passes without violation of the Kashmiri people’s rights, but not a whimper in the Western capitals. He said these factors are damaging the efforts leading to the resolution of the Kashmir issue.

He said Pakistan has not shifted its focus from the issue of Kashmir and we will use every international forum to highlight the plight of the Kashmiri people. Deputy Chairman Senate, Molana Ghafoor Haideri, welcoming the delegation said there can be no peace in the region without the resolution of the Kashmir issue. He said there used to be an exchange of parliamentary delegations between India and Pakistan hoping that it will continue.