Need to reduce food waste: Experts (Daily Balochistan Express (Pakistan))

In Saudi Arabia, experts have been working to find ways to utilize surplus food and one suggestion is that charity organizations can collect leftover food to distribute to the poor.
At a time when experts estimate there are over 870 million hungry people in the world, 1.3 billion tons of food are dumped, as a result of lack of awareness campaigns on the issue.
According to latest studies, Saudi Arabia is in the forefront of food consumption in the region, accounting for 60 percent of the total consumption, Arab News reported.
The entire Gulf region has the highest annual consumption rate with 3.1 percent of the total food.
The Gulf’s consumption rate is expected to reach 49.1 million metric tons.
Khaled AlKhan of Etaam, said “Most of the food waste comes from hotels and wedding halls while the Itaam Society receives and sorts surplus food and packs them in special packages to distribute to 5,000 poor families.
A branch of the society has been opened in Riyadh and shortly branches will be opened in Qatif and its suburbs,” Khan said.
Economist Fadal AlBuainain also concurs that food waste is a problem AlBuainain believes that high consumption is a factor that adversely affects the economy which primarily hinges on saving.
Khaled Thumairi, consultant dietician at Abha Hospital, said an individual must make a good choice of what he needs and change some wrong eating habits, including open buffets that prompt one to take more than he needs, thus resulting in a waste of a good amount of food.
He also warned about the rising rate of diseases related to overeating such as obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol and blood pressure.
Jaber AlShehri, undersecretary for marine resources at the Ministry of Agriculture, said a committee has been set up to study how to curb food waste.