NSHR Commends Saudi Efforts to Serve Pilgrims

Riyadh: The National Society for Human Rights (NSHR), which has been monitoring this year's Hajj season, has commended the great efforts exerted by the government of Saudi Arabia and the services it provided to pilgrims. These efforts and services, NSHR said, contributed to keeping the pilgrims safe, helped them complete their rituals effortlessly, and played a significant role in ensuring a Hajj season free of any disease outbreak or other threats to public health. It praised the security agencies for fostering a safe and comfortable Hajj environment, and gave recognition to the health sector which provide wide-ranging health and support services to pilgrims, including a fleet of ambulances for emergencies, mobile clinics and health centers equipped with the latest equipment, and various transportation options for the elderly and people with disabilities. NSHR praised Saudi authorities' innovative use of AI and other modern technologies, which significantly improved the pilgrims' journey, including mobile applications to guide pilgrims throughout their stay in the Kingdom, smart cards to facilitate their access to their places of residence and the holy sites, and to benefit from the services needed, free Wi-Fi services, and the use of modern technology to coat the roads to lower temperatures and cool the environment, for pilgrims to feel comfortable. NSHR also stressed the need for more steps to prevent fraudulent Hajj companies from taking advantage of pilgrims, and to prevent individuals from breaching Hajj regulations, so as not to cause harm to other pilgrims. Source: Saudi Press Agency

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