Oman repurposes decommissioned military equipment to build underwater museum

The Omani Environment Authority announced, Sunday, its initiative in building an underwater museum with out-of-service military equipment, suitable for the coral reefs to acclimate to and reproduce. In a statement to the press, the Authority said this initiative is in cooperation with the Omani Ministry of Defense, attending to the decline of coral reefs from natural and human interventions and influences. The initiative aims to create a new ecosystem that accommodates coral reefs and attracts numerous marine life to the area, added the Authority. The underwater museum, the Authority explained, is an innovative idea to bolster ecotourism in Oman, appealing to marine life and diving enthusiasts, and limiting the burden tourists have on natural coral reefs. The Authority added that the emphasis on preserving and rehabilitating the marine environment is because it accounts for a large amount of Oman's environment, and affects the overall evaluation and performance of Oman's environmental performance. The Min istry of Defense provided eight decommissioned military equipment of which are seven Man Atlas trucks and a Skyven aircraft, with the underwater museum taking place near Daymaniyat Island's Natural Reserve. Source: Kuwait News Agency

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