Parliament speaker, PM minister inaugurate Cultural Center in Sana’a after restoration

Parliament speaker Yahya al-Rai' and Prime Minister Abdulaziz bin Habtoor on Monday opened the Cultural Center in the capital Sana'a after its restoration and rehabilitation, coinciding with the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday and the holidays of the Yemeni Revolution, with the support of the Ministry of Communications and the General Communications Corporation.

Al-Rai' and Abdulaziz and bin Habtoor listened to an explanation from Minister of Communications and Information Technology Misfer al-Numair and Minister of Culture Abdullah al-Kabsi about the restoration stages, which included changing the decorations, lighting, and chairs, and restoring the cracks to which the center building was exposed from the outside as a result of the aggression’s bombing of the buildings adjacent to it.

They pointed out that the center has not been restored for forty years, and it is considered a cultural beacon in Sana'a, and many national events are held there, noting that its history is full of enlightenment and education by hosting many different events during which many personalities were hosted from its opening until today.

The Prime Minister noted that this center embraces many national and religious activities and cultural, intellectual, and enlightenment works.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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