PM meets Korean electricity corporation President

Amman, Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz, on Monday met with the President of the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), Kim Jong-kap, who is heading a delegation visiting the Kingdom.

Razzaz underlined the importance of the energy sector for national economy. He also stressed keenness to benefit from international expertise, particularly those of South Korea, in developing the required capacities in the sector.

During the meeting, he said Jordan values the KEPCO's trust in the local economy and the investment environment, evident in the implementation of vital energy projects, and the third power generation project.

The KEPCO's President discussed the corporation's vision for its energy projects in Jordan, lauding the cooperation and facilitations the Jordanian government provides for investors in this vital sector.

He also pointed out the workload of the three projects and their operational and production capabilities, underscoring keenness for cooperating closely with Jordan in the energy sector and exchanging expertise to serve both sides.

Source: Jordan News Agency