Amman, Prime Minister Omar Razzaz Tuesday paid a surprise visit to check up on the work of the Yarmouk Water Company (YWC) in the governorate of Irbid that serves the northern governorates of Irbid, Ajloun, Mafraq and Jerash.

During the visit, which follows a previous visit last year to address grievances about water supply, Razzaz emphasized that this visit is aimed at being updated with the steps taken by the company to tackle water supply issues and problems in delivering water to residential areas in the northern governorates.

He underscored that the government had sensed a true improvement in the citizens’ satisfaction with the water services in the areas within the domain of the YWC and had noticed a decline in complaints lodged to the government.

The major projects that the YWC is currently undertaking will end the water shortage in the northern governorates, he added.

The prime minister emphasized on the importance of fair distribution of water and the following up on complaints lodged by citizens and the issue of non-revenue water.

General Director of the YWC Nabil Al Zu’bi said that the new water projects in the northern governorates, especially the Wadi Al Arab 2 project, at an estimated cost of $125 million, will provide 30 million CBM and end the water shortage problem in the north.

He said that the company had managed to reduce water-related complaints to the residential areas to individual complaints that are being processed at the meantime.

Source: Jordan News Agency