Punjab Govt made Hajj easier: Umar Saif (The Frontier Star (Pakistan))

Punjab Information Technology Board in collaboration with Pakistan Ministry of Religious Affairs has devised a comprehensive online system that had removed a number of hitches found in the Hajj process earlier.
Chairman PITB Dr. Umar Saif elaborated it while addressing a meeting here on Wednesday.
He said that millions of Pakistani pilgrims annually travel to Saudi Arabia to perform the religious obligations, majority of whom aging 55 plus, are illiterate and travel overseas for the first time. “It creates a lot of problems like displacement of people, loss of belongings, unawareness of laws, rules and policies and facing the issues of health and lodging etc.”
Dr. Saif said to overcome these problems, PITB developed three different systems namely Hajj Group organization MIS, Flight and Room Allocation MIS and Hajj Monitoring System, the detail is available on official website of federal Ministry of Religious Affairs.
“Previously, the registration process was extremely exhausting and at times clients, Hajj Group Organizers, ended up waiting in long queues to get the registration form. Further, it was extremely difficult to manage and save all the collected data for future references.
PITBs Information Management System provides online registration while the data collected generates an automated summary that illustrates the required details of every Haji.
Prior to the Flight and Room Allocation MIS, the allocation and booking process was manual, much time consuming and hectic; therefore, the Hujjaj faced a lot of inconvenience and hassle.
After spending approximately 14 hours traveling, the Hujjaj had to face another delay of 4-5 hours in getting to their rooms. But now PITB has completely revolutionized and digitized the system by making the entire data readily available at a mere click.
The tasks which took days and weeks are now achievable within hours and also resource independent. Both the residences and flights can be expediently allocated well in time to the Pakistani pilgrims, now they have their room allocation details printed on their Hajj cards, to facilitate them and save them a lot of inconvenience and exhaustion in KSA.
The Hajj Monitoring System has proved to be a great success and has helped improve the monitoring process through feedback and complaints launched via the system.
The system serves as a vast complaint registration platform where feedback is collected through three different mediums namely Hajj help lines for entertaining inquiries like lost and found items that include a landline number in Pakistan for callers from Saudi Arabia, a Universal Access Number (UAN) in Pakistan, a toll free number in KSA, an Android Application for complaint registration and feedbacks and an online complaint registration portal.
Moreover, PITB has enabled Ministry of Religious Affairs to monitor the entire Hajj process through the Hajj Monitoring System.
In future the process of banks for Hajj applications is likely to be integrated to this system too” He added.