Qatargas Conducts Successful Emergency Exercise

Doha, - Qatargas conducted a major emergency response exercise in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior, Qatar Petroleum, and various shareholders. The exercise involved a simulated fire and a coordinated response from professional teams at a hydrocarbon storage tank in Ras Laffan Industrial City.

Ministry of the Interior Civil Defense Operations Director Hamad Al-Duhaimi, said: "We have been deliberate in our planning to include all necessary statewide resources to ensure readiness to respond to an incident that requires fully integrated, large-scale support to any industrial asset within the State of Qatar. This training was a great opportunity for all responding organisations, and was a good test of our ability to operate under a unified command structure. It gave us the opportunity to enhance our overall ability to succeed in future deployments, particularly with respect to communications and pooling of resources." Qatargas' Emergency Management Services and Security Manager Hassan Jassim Abu Khamis, said: "Exercising for a multifaceted incident enabled Qatargas to validate our world-class response plans and procedures. This joint exercise is testament to our readiness to minimise the impact of an event as safely and efficiently as possible." The exercise included the successful deployment of response equipment, tested logistics, and validated command and control capability including the integration of all response organisations, thereby providing a unique training opportunity to all exercise participants.

Qatargas' Ras Laffan tank farm is a strategic resource and a key link in the supply chain of hydrocarbon producers within Ras Laffan Industrial City.

Source: Qatar News Agency