‘Region needs no more wars, but integrated economies’

Baghdad, Iraqi President Barham Saleh said Saturday that Iraqis hope for no more wars in the Middle East and the world, but their primary goal is achieving progress and "the required economic transformation."

He said in a press statement that the region and the entire world need no more wars, but that Iraq's victory on terrorism be decisive and heralds in a new regional order based on economic integration.

"The region as a whole needs building, development and peace to rise and catch on with the civilized world, which is accelerating in its modernization and building its civilization. Therefore, all of us, in this region, should not fall behind any more," he said.

"No country has ever been exposed to what Iraq had gone through, and this requires us to be up to the responsibility to turn these challenges into a great opportunity and transform Iraq from an arena of conflict and dispute to an arena where regional interests meet," he said.

Source: Jordan News Agency