Revolution leader reveals radical changes in state institutions that will be announced on anniversary of Prophet’s birthday

Leader of the revolution, al-Sayyed Abdul Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, revealed radical changes in state institutions that will be announced on the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday.

In his speech on Thursday on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of the September 21 Revolution, the Leader of the Revolution considered working to reform the state of institutions a national necessity, a popular demand, and an important basis for the country’s steadfastness.

Al-Houthi extended his congratulations and blessings to the Yemeni people, first and foremost all those who contributed to achieving the historic achievement on September 21st.

He pointed out that the September 21 revolution is one of the most important achievements that God has enabled the Yemeni people to achieve, as it is a revolution that liberated the people from guardianship.

Al-Sayeed explained that before the revolution, the Americans imposed hostile policies that were heading the country towards complete collapse in all areas, so they took advantage of political differences.. Pointing out that before the revolution, the country witnessed a complete security collapse, and Sanaa turned into an open theater for criminals, assassinations, and bombings.

The leader of the revolution stated that before the revolution, the economy had collapsed without war or siege, at a time when the sovereign resources of oil and gas in all parts of the country were at the disposal of the authority.

He stressed that there was no intention of the previous regime to build the country and achieve self-sufficiency, while the army’s mission turned to internal fighting and the destruction of its military capabilities.

The leader continued: "It is very unfortunate that the Americans were pushing the leaders and officials of the previous regime to implement their destructive policies, and they wanted the Yemenis to be the ones to destroy their homeland themselves."

Al-Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi stated that the criminal aggression killed tens of thousands of people, committed genocide, and targeted everything in a way that reveals its true nature and goals.

He added: "With the aggression and siege, the coalition occupied large parts of our country, and continued its hostile policy of tearing apart the national fabric and mobilizing the Takfiris and mercenaries against their people and tribes.

Deterrence weapons:

The leader of the revolution stated that the Yemeni people responded to the aggression with bravery, patience and awareness, seeking the help of God, they did not surrender or submit to the enemies.

As well as, the free people of this country, including its mujahideen and its army, turned to building military capabilities and manufacturing a deterrent force that would strike sensitive installations deep inside the aggressors.

He pointed out that Yemen possessed, with God’s grace, the missile technology and manufactured the missile force with an increasing development of types of missiles, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles. The valiant naval forces also manufactured different types of naval weapons, and the same is true of the air force and the air defense force.

The leader of the revolution stated that with the severe siege, the trend was towards manufacturing all types of weapons and military requirements.

This was considered a great achievement and a result contrary to the goals of the aggression coalition, who's first declared goals were to destroy military capabilities.

He stated that the effectiveness and ability of the military side appeared in combat operations, devastating strikes, and precise injuries, examples of which were displayed in military parades, including what was displayed today.

Security and economic achievements:

On the security side, the leader of the revolution explained that the efforts were crowned with success in building the security services that succeeded in confronting the enemy’s conspiracies, as they were trying to launch a criminal sabotage war similar to what they did in Iraq.

In the economic field, Al-Sayyed Commander stated that the enemy’s plots were very despicable and extremely unjust and cruel, as they not only imposed a severe siege, destroyed stores, farms, and factories, and controlled oil and gas, but also worked to paralyze the economic situation in order to disrupt business.

They targeted the national currency and tried to bring it to collapse in order to strike a final blow that would destroy what remained of economic cohesion, he added.

He stressed that those concerned in the official authorities and the Economic Committee made a great effort to confront the enemy’s conspiracies.

Service aspect:

The leader of the revolution indicated that with the destruction by the aggression coalition of roads, bridges, and service facilities of all kinds, the official authorities sought to continue providing services, in restoring roads, rebuilding some bridges, and restarting electricity for some cities.

He said: “It was natural that the first and greatest priority is to confront the aggression, as it is a priority with all humanitarian, moral, religious and national considerations, and it remains a priority until the aggression, siege and occupation are ended.

Al-Sayyed: "But we will not ignore the other priority of correcting the situation in state institutions as a basic goal of our blessed revolution and a popular demand that we are working to meet."

Institutional reform:

The Leader of the Revolution explained that despite the efforts made by loyal state officials in all fields in light of the difficult circumstances and the hostile targeting from the coalition, there are many problems inherited from the past in the systems, policies and laws.

He explained that the official institutions, despite the presence of loyal and serious officials and the patience of thousands of employees in the face of the lack of salary and limited operational expenses, suffer from imbalances.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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