Amman, The Russian Armed Forces, on Tuesday, started patrolling Manbij area in the Syrian province of Aleppo near the Turkish border.

According to Sputniknews, the Russian police's spokesman in Syria, Yusup Mamatov, told reporters that his country's police, Tuesday, began patrolling the security zone in the area of the settlement of Manbij and its suburbs.

"The patrols' taskis to ensure security in the area of responsibility and to control the position and movement of armed formations," Mamatov added.

The first patrol route of military police officers passed along the rear border of the security zone near Manbij, he explained.

The military patrolled around ten kilometers in the northern part of the province, and the route will change regularly in the future, Mamatov added.

According to the spokesman, the military police receive from local residents reports on arms dumps and unexploded shells left by the militants who occupied the area .

Source: Jordan News Agency