Senate committee calls on exerting pressure on Israel to stop settlements

The Senate's Palestine Committee has called on the international community, the United Nations and the Security Council, to pressure Israel to halt settlements, and embrace the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In a press statement on Sunday, the committee's head, senator Nayef Al-Qadi, said developments in attacks on Palestinian Islamic and Christian sanctities "reflect the racist Zionist policy pursued by Israeli governments with all barbarism and brutality since the establishment of Israel until today."

Continuing: " The Israeli aggression constitutes a clear and systematic challenge to international laws, humanity and interests of the brave and steadfast Palestinian people on their land."

Jordan and its Hashemite leadership have pledged to defend the rights of the Palestinian people, their interests, and inalienable rights that cannot be compromised, said Al-Qadi.

Jordan, under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II, has repeatedly stressed impossibility of continuing the deadlock, he said, adding that peace and stability must be achieved and "despicable" Israeli occupation must end, according to Al-Qadi.

Israel and its supporters bear the responsibility for the escalation in Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa Mosque and Sheikh Jarrah area, and the flagrant aggression against the population in Gaza Strip, Al-Qadi said.

The lawmaker stressed the need to launch "urgent and effective" moves at the Arab and international levels to end the Israeli occupation, as it undermines peace and stability.

On future action to support their cause, Jordan will stand with the Palestinian people in demanding their inalienable rights, foremost is ending the occupation, and putting East Jerusalem under Palestinian sovereignty as the capital of the Palestinian state, he noted.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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