Senate finance committee meets private sector representatives

The Senate's Finance and Economy Committee, headed by Senator Umayya Toukan, on Tuesday met with representatives of the private sector, in light of the committee's previous discussion of the 2020 draft state budget and the budgets of government units currently being debated at the Lower House.

The panel held a series of meetings with various ministries and government departments, financial institutions, governorate councils and other entities over the draft budget law, said Toukan.

He added that economic, political and institutional reforms implemented by the Kingdom call for optimism regarding the performance of the national economy in the upcoming stage.

He said increasing productivity through training and qualifying manpower is a key driver of economic growth, and also stressed raising awareness on the importance of digital economy and pursuing sound and stable economic policies.

The meeting was attended by President of the Jordanian Businessmen Association Hamdi Tabaa, members of the association's board of directors and Director General of the Jordan Chamber of Industry, Maher Mahrouq.

Source: Jordan News Agency