The Ministry of Culture and the General Union of Writers and Writers are discussing ways to enhance cooperation

Ramallah - Together - Today, Monday, the Minister of Culture, Imad Hamdan, discussed with the Secretary-General of the General Union of Palestinian Writers and Authors, Murad Al-Sudani, ways to enhance cooperation between the Ministry and the Union in various fields of literature, and the necessity of supporting writers and creators, especially writers in the Gaza Strip. During his visit to the Union, Minister Hamdan said that the Writers' Union is the cultural gateway to the literature and writers sector, stressing the importance of strengthening the bilateral relationship, to embrace intellectuals, and to overcome all obstacles to provide the necessary support to writers and writers in order to advance the cultural scene and strengthen the national cultural identity. In turn, Al-Sudani expressed the Union's readiness to fully cooperate with the Ministry in implementing its cultural programs and initiatives, expressing his gratitude for the Ministry's continued support for the Union, and the necessity of j oint work to confront the challenges facing the cultural sector and explore ways to overcome them. In a related context, Minister Hamdan congratulated the poet Murad Al-Sudani on receiving the International 'Olymp' Award from the Russian Writers' Union, in appreciation of his role in strengthening cultural and literary relations between Russia and Palestine, and building bridges of cultural communication between the two countries. The meeting was attended by Undersecretary Jad Ghazawi, Director General of the Minister's Office, Bashir Zaher, poet Al-Mutawakkil Taha, and member of the General Secretariat, Jumah Al-Rifai. Source: Maan News Agency

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