The PLO is considering a response to Israel’s settlement policies

Ramallah - Ma'an - On Monday evening, the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization will hold a meeting in Ramallah, headed by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, to discuss recent political developments, especially Israeli settlement expansion policies. This meeting, the first in several months, comes shortly after the publication of a recording by Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, in which he revealed new settlement measures, approved by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, aimed at the undeclared annexation of the West Bank, by creating facts on the ground that would make it unacceptable. Possible to be part of a Palestinian state in the future. These measures included the construction of new settlement outposts that control large areas of West Bank land, by converting them into pastures for settlers, licensing old settlement outposts and converting them into settlements, granting settlers natural resources such as water sources, agricultural, industrial and pastoral la nds, and roads, and demolishing Palestinian homes in the areas. Classified 'C', which constitutes more than 60% of the area of ??the West Bank and others. It also included working on a gradual solution to the Palestinian Authority by detaining and confiscating its financial revenues, and reducing its powers on the ground. A number of members of the Executive Committee revealed to Al-Sharq that, at this meeting, they will demand strong measures to confront these policies, including stopping security coordination with Israel, holding a meeting of the National Council, which constitutes the parliament of the Palestine Liberation Organization, and approving the abandonment of the Oslo Accords with Israel, including This includes withdrawing recognition of the Israeli state. Committee member Bassam Al-Salhi said, 'The central topic today is working to end the occupation.' He added: "We will demand that the Palestinian Authority be transformed into a state and that it be absolved of the obligations of the Oslo A ccords." Other members also indicated that they "will also demand the immediate implementation of the decisions of the Palestinian Central Council regarding withdrawing recognition of Israel and stopping security coordination with it." It is expected that a statement will be issued regarding the meeting specifying the next steps for the PLO and the Palestinian Authority. Source: Maan News Agency

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